Fast Track Your Fitness Goals Without Having To Think

build a better body from anywhere in the world with my expertly crafted training plans 

quit stringing random workouts together that produces zero results. 

• You’re here because you’re sick and tired of winging it at the gym because you don't know what to do. 

• You’re here because you're sick and tired of trying cookie cutter workout routines pulled out of fitness magazines.

• You’re here because you know you need a tried and true plan that produces the results you desperately desire.

You wish you could walk into the gym, confidently crush your session, and see progress week after week.

• If you could do that you know you’d achieve better health and a better body.

• Let’s not forget how much better you’d fit into your clothes.

• OH and the cherry on top? All of that newfound confidence you’d be exuding. 

Working out with a personal trainer increases your fitness-goal success rate by over 30 percent, according to a study published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine.

My online training programs are a completely customized approach that helps you build strength and muscle in 90 days.

“Since working with Alex my clothes fit better and friends and family keep telling me I look great. I no longer need to take melatonin or biofreeze in order to sleep. Best of all, I’m doing things I’ve never been able to do before like burpees and flipping tires like a beast!” 

-Katie D.

“It needs to be said that I ate A LOT of food throughout my 12 weeks with Alex. No starving myself or cutting out entire food groups. Alex made everything easy, achievable, and (most importantly) SUSTAINABLE.”

-Erin, who lost 9lbs in 12 weeks

“Some of the road blocks I find in healthy eating are in consistency and excuses. If I’m depressed I want comfort food, or I just don’t care enough to make the time to prep in the morning. Alex inspired me to try again today.”


“I loved Alex's workouts. I really got a sense of how to work my body in sections rather than all at once without feeling like I wasn’t going to get it all in. The work I did with Alex made me so much more confident lifting and being in the gym that ‘new year, strong me’ is basically my motto. He really helped me and He's a lot nicer than a lot of the other trainers I’ve seen!”


Training with me online is easy. First we go over your goals and come up with an initial game plan.  I write a training program specific to those goals and the equipment you have available. You download and open the TrueCoach app where you'll find your weekly workouts. You begin crushing workouts on your schedule with said expertly crafted plan  that finally nets you results you want.

this is what you'll get:

• A completely customized training plan built on your goals delivered via the truecoach app complete with video demos

• the flexibility to train anywhere you want on your schedule

• weekly feedback and training program updates 

• Form check feedback via video as requested

• in-app messaging and email access to me (24 hr response time)

I deliver your custom workouts via truecoach, a free app that provides you with demonstration videos, message access to me, progress tracking & More.

Depending on your goals you’ve got the option to train anywhere from 1-4 times per week. Here is a full break down of each monthly package:

The more you train, the more you save.


Train 1x per week: 


Train 2x per week: 


Train 3x per week: 


Train 4x per week: 

** Please note that all packages require a 3 month commitment. Why? It’s simple. You want results and results take time.  The above checkout prices reflect the 3 month total. Payment plans available by request. **










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